Women know the best compliments come from other women; if another woman is checking you out, up and down, you know you look great! But when it comes to men, women are totally in the dark about what men like and what's attractive to them, which is why we want guys to come over and talk to us instead of simply leering from across the room.


So how does a woman know if a guy likes her beauty enhancement? For starters, it depends on what you're applying. Wrinkle creams to reduce wrinkles aren't very visible so if he's looking your way, it's a good bet he likes your look. On the flip side, eyelash enhancer serum is essentially how women say, "hey, look at me", so if you catch his eye, he may be looking at you or your eyelashes.


Read his eyes. If his eyes keep gravitating to your dress or legs, you know he's interested in your body. If he's making eye contact with you over and over, then he has his eyes on your eyes, which could mean he wants to know more than what your jeans feel like.


Don't overdo the makeup or sexiness factor. If you're into making yourself look like a Barbie doll with loads of lavish makeup, then dress down a bit; otherwise, a guy make take one look and think either that you're extremely artificial or simply a bimbo. If you barely put on skin brighteners, let alone a full makeup routine, then put on the sexiest clothes allowable by law. Men want to know that the girl next door has a party side also! So if you overdo one area, downplay the other area. You'll be capturing quality men and understanding their glances, stares, and winks in no time!