Mature women know that skin matters most when it comes to any beauty routine. A smooth, supple canvas makes everything look better. Whether you’re at the age where makeup is a second thought or if you choose to put on a full face of makeup every day, instant wrinkle creams smooth the appearance of your skin. Not only do instant wrinkle creams add hydration and moisture, but they soften the appearance of wrinkles.

Mature women who are past the age of thinking there’s a miracle in a bottle out there know that maintenance is what matters most. Instant wrinkle creams allow you to soften the look of crow’s feet, marionette lines and “11” lines at the forehead. Moisturizer and age serums are a standard part of any mature woman’s morning and evening beauty routine.

Implementing an instant wrinkle cream works to prime the skin for makeup application, regardless of what type you use. Women who use liquid foundation, powder foundation or mineral powder makeup will love how makeup glides on the skin after patting on an instant wrinkle cream.