Instant wrinkle creams freeze the look of fine lines and crow’s feet. This means that within seconds, the natural ingredients get to work creating a softer, more luminous finish to the skin’s surface. When skin is well-hydrated, it glows because the skin is supple and soft. This is especially important for women in their 40s and older. Instant wrinkle creams are for those who already suffer from fine lines and wrinkles. An instant wrinkle cream isn’t a preventative treatment. Instead, it should supplement moisturizer with your morning routine before applying makeup.

Start by applying the instant wrinkle formula to the skin while it is clean and dry. Target the nose-to-mouth lines, lines around and under the eyes, and the jaw line. Follow this with standard moisturizer and then apply makeup. You will see that an instant wrinkle cream evens the skin tone and creates a soft look to the skin. This looks youthful on any mature women. Instant wrinkle cream isn’t meant to be used in place of moisturizer or anti-aging serum. It is working to soften and fill in the look of fine lines creating a more youthful, lively look for the skin. Many mature women find that an instant wrinkle formula is ideal for using when you want to skip heavy foundation or powders.