When it comes to face blemishes, age spots are in a league of their own. They’re not wrinkles, so wrinkle creams are useless. Not quite pimples either, so ditch the Clearasil. Age spots are the grown up equivalent of freckles and we all know how much young girls want to get rid of their freckles! We have the tips for treating your “adult freckles” that tap into the beauty enhancement knowledge you have already from battling the zits and other blemishes.

First, start with a great age spots treatment. These treatments are specifically designed to reduce age spots discoloration and appearance, helping them blend in better with your skin so it doesn’t become defined as a spot anymore!

Next, a great makeup base is the key to a uniform skin tone for the entire face. Make sure the makeup base is all-natural though and “breathable” so you aren’t reducing the hard work your age spot treatments are doing under the base.

Finally, powder the areas of age spots with just enough makeup to cover the complete area while not looking like a streetwalker! Having age spots doesn’t mean you should cake on the beauty enhancement products to compensate. Applying sheer layers of makeup and cover-up will let you look fresh faced and not like an older woman who’s battling age spots.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can even try to enhance your best features, such as eyelash growth or thicker eyebrows. The art of distraction is a formidable art!