Kim Kardashian sports them. And so do Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato on special red carpet occasions. But these are not mere celebrity trends; women have been crazing over long eyelashes for centuries. In fact, luscious dark eyelashes are as prized as a flawless complexion and many women will not hesitate to go to extra lengths to have these. That is, if only they knew how to get long and beautiful eyelashes. Wouldn’t you too love to flaunt these? Then, here are the tips to get the look of long eyelashes:


A few drops of castor oil every night might just do the trick for you. If Mother Nature has not endowed you with naturally long eyelashes, you can go one up on Her with this wonder product that is available over the counter. Dab a few drops of castor oil on your eyelashes before going to bed every night and wash it in the morning, first with warm water and then with a splash of cold water. Ensure that you remove any traces of eye makeup before you apply it. But do not expect results overnight; be patient and you will notice results within some weeks, that is, if you stick to the routine.

Apply vitamin E oil or olive oil to your lashes. For some women, vitamin E oil or olive oil too has been known to work wonders on their eyelashes. In fact, being less greasy than castor oil, you can wear one of these two oils on your lashes even during the day. But you will have to forego the mascara then. These two oils provide nourishment to your eyelashes so that they are encouraged to grow to their full length and also resist breakages. What is more, unlike Vaseline that is believed to possess similar properties, these two oils do not clog the pores in the eye region thereby keeping whiteheads from sprouting.

Maintain a healthy diet. Diet has an important role to play in maintaining healthy hair and skin. So, a nutritious and vitamin-enriched diet will coax your eyelashes to grow to their full potential and also strengthen them. And as a fringe benefit, you will also keep your weight under control.

Use eyelash growth products. There are many eyelash growth products on the market that when applied regularly, nourish, moisturize, and thus pump out the look of your natural eyelashes and enhance their beauty potential. These products are enriched with potent natural ingredients that also strengthen the lashes and give an appearance of fuller and longer eyelashes.


Winning Results

The above are some of the popular and effective ways in which women around the world try to beautify their eyelashes. And while you are following these tips and waiting for the results, you can always wear eyelash extensions to create an illusion.