When it comes to getting a man's attention in Manhattan, it takes brains, beauty, and grace, and above all, beauty. With every Manhattan girl ranking in the "good looking" range, standing out from the crowd not once, but twice - hence, a double take - takes tact and a great beauty enhancement routine.


Ditch the shades. Nothing closes a woman off to a man more than shades over the eyes. Men first make eye contact then double take to the gait, body, and overall-look, but if your eyes are covered, there's no flirtatious starting point. Ditch the shades during that lunch break and then accentuate those eyes even more.


Start with a great eyelash growth routine that captures men in the eye. Similar to the Memoirs of a Geisha scene where the geisha stops men in their tracks with one look, eyelash enhancing products and thicker eyebrows will make you stand out from the crowd.


Dark circle removers will be instrumental in letting men know if you're a worker bee or a looker bee. Depending on the type of man you're looking to attract, dark circle removers will display a sense of independence yet youthfulness.


Some men are ass men and some are legs men. With the summer approaching, chances are that your legs will be the main feature over the next few months, so make sure they are completely free of varicose veins.