Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor from the yesteryears. Or Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Love Hewitt of today. These Hollywood actresses—both past and present—have some of the most beautiful pair of eyes that you may have ever seen. But you will find it hard to pin down where lie their appeal—a hint of mystery, a touch of that ethereal beauty that is so other-worldly, or a certain quality of elusiveness. But you certainly should know for sure that they look beautiful because they are bordered by long, curly, and luscious lashes and are framed by a pair of perfectly-shaped and full brows.

The Desire

Next to a flawless complexion, women probably desire a pair of beautiful eyes the most. That is, women who have not been naturally endowed with long eyelashes and full eyebrows. Thankfully, you can enhance the growth potential of your brows and lashes naturally and without needing to resort to expensive beauty products or over the top makeup tricks.


Routine Actions

Massage the hair follicles under your eyebrows with a fine eyebrow brush before going to bed every night or whenever you can. Take care that you use small, gentle, circular movements in the direction of the hair growth. Regular massages stimulate and encourage hair growth in the brow area.


Use of Oils

There are quite a few natural and safe products that are known to encourage eyebrow and eyelash growth. For instance, you can apply castor oil, Vitamin E oil, extra virgin olive oil, or Vaseline to the brows and lashes using a cotton ball or a Q-tip. Apply every night on makeup-free eyes before going to bed and wash off in the morning, first with warm water and then with a splash of cold water. To achieve the best result, you can apply olive oil, it being less thick and greasy than castor oil, also during the day.


Vitamins and Water

A wholesome diet, rich in leafy greens and foods enriched with amino acids and vitamin E, is crucial to the growth of healthy hair. You will also need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep yourself healthy and maximize the potential of hair growth in the brow and lash areas. Pop in some multi-vitamin tablets, especially the one high in vitamins E, C, A, and B3.


ProVitamin B5

There are many natural eyebrow and eyelash growth products in the market that come with the goodness of potent naturally-occurring compounds like biotin and ProVitamin B5 that promote the appearance of fuller brows and the look of fuller, longer eyelashes. These beauty products are absolutely safe for use in the eye region and with regular application, are known to show results within a few weeks.


The Secret(s) is/are Out

Now that you know the secret to promoting the appearance of thicker and fuller eyebrows and eyelashes, you needn’t envy the likes of Hewitt, Jolie, or Berry or sigh wistfully as they flutter their long eyelashes and arch their thick eyebrows to make their beauty statements.