When it comes to making yourself beautiful, less is better. Many women think that caking on loads of beauty products will get men swooning over them and falling over each other to date her. Not true; men actually prefer a woman who looks naturally beautiful at all times of the day. Putting on foundation, then concealers, then powders, then eyelash growth serum, and other products means that your artificial side is on display. Men may think that if a woman looks artificial on the outside, she must either be extremely superficial or, worse, very artificial on the inside.


Neither is a flattering feeling for a woman looking to date a quality man. The best solution is to make sure your eyes are not over the top. Some women need more concealers and cover-ups than other women, but the eyes are always the same on most women. Highlight your eyes, don't cover them up. Confident, quality men like to look a woman straight in the eyes when they talk and if you're drawing their line of sight away to your makeup (or other areas you're "promoting"), then you stand to lose a great connection with your date. Use eyelash conditioner products that don't clump and let your eyes stay highlighted. If you're not crazy about your eye color, we would even suggest using colored lenses to add to the highlighted eyes effect.


Certain eyelash growth can be over the top and outlandish (paging Lady Gaga!) so make sure you use the best products for your eye shape and color. The goal is to catch his attention and hold his attention. For those looking to land a quality man, that means catching his attention with your looks and holding it with your eye contact. The eyes are windows to the soul and personality so make sure they don't scream artificiality. Remember, the best personality will get the best quality men guaranteed!