Our eyes are one of our most impactful features on our face.  We can smile with our eyes, express joy, and sadness, and connect us with the ones we love.  To make your eyes more impactful there are several ways to highlight them to attract more attention.  Below are a few tips you can use to draw attention to your eyes:


  • Accent Your Brow Bone—Regardless of how intense the color of your eye shadow is use a shade of tan, cream, or white shadow to highlight your brow bone by swiping shadow directly under your brow line from mid eyebrow to its tip.  For a more natural look you can blend your highlighter with a larger brush.
  • Line Your Eyes—Think of eyeliner, like you do a mat or the frame of a picture, it will kick things up a notch.  Your eyeliner does not have to be black or bold.  Consider shades of brown, eggplant, or navy blue, they will highlight your eyes without overpowering them.
  • Lengthen Your Lashes—Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.  Mascara also comes in many shades from brown, black, glitter, and other fun colors.  If your lashes are not as full or lengthy as you desire, consider using an eyelash conditioner serum to your daily routine to promote the appearance of longer fuller lashes.