You know how a piece of art always looks more put together when it is matted and framed?  The same goes for your eyes.  If you want your eyes to be the standout feature on your face, then you must frame them with standout lashes.  Here are some quick eyelash care tips to make your eyes pop and keep them healthy and conditioned:


  • Lash Curler—Prior to applying your mascara each morning you want to take an extra minute to curl your lashes.  This will really make them stand out because it will angle your lashes to make them appear longer.
  • Mascara—After your lashes are curled it is time to apply your favorite mascara.  Mascara comes in a range of colors from light brown, to jet black, and fun colors like purple, blue, and green. 
  • Eye Makeup Remover—It is important to fully remove all of your mascara in the evening so that your lashes can breathe.  The cleanser you use for your face is often too harsh for your eyes.  Instead use a gentle eye makeup remover, or apply baby oil to a cotton ball.
  • Condition—Last but not least, is a little known secret for truly amazing lashes, eyelash serum!  You want to finish off your daily lash routine by applying an all natural lash serum to your eyelash line.  Apply your eyelash enhancer serum prior to applying your eye cream and evening facial moisturizer.  The eyelash conditioner serum will help to keep your lashes healthy and strong and will promote the look of longer fuller lashes.