Deciding when and when not to look like your favorite celebrity all depends on how popular your celebrity mentor is! Looking like Khloe Kardashian isn't exactly a popular way to go these days, with divorce rumors swirling, but imitating Rihanna's style is always in fashion!


Here are a few beauty enhancement tips that will help you create a basic celebrity look which can then be tailored to mimic the latest styles of the in-fashion celebrities. First, start and end with a gorgeous eyelash growth routine. Eyelash serum products have become a staple of a celebrity’s beauty routine and, when combined with shapely yet thick eyebrows, serve as a great base for a celebrity makeup routine. Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Salma Hayek are all celebrities who work that look like rock stars.


However, if you're modeling after actresses like Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman, or Annette Bening, wrinkle creams and age spot treatments will be a necessary base for a beauty enhancement routine; the main reason is that a beauty routine will be based around looking younger, not necessarily looking sexier. Reduce wrinkles, remove age spots, and treat varicose veins are the main focus of an older celebrity’s beauty strategy.


Two different strategies behind two different demographics of celebrities is the tip of the iceberg, but knowing that there are different ways to look like a star is definitely a step in the right direction.