When it comes to hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on the skin, which includes age spots, the summer sun can have harmful effects on the skin. Just like the ultraviolet rays can provide you with a healthy looking tan, they can also exacerbate the appearance of age spots.


Just being outside in the sun will increase the appearance of age spots and no matter how hard you try to reduce their size and appearance, they will keep popping up more often. For those that work outdoors or are traveling often, investing in makeup that has an SPF of 20 or more is a good solution for blocking the sun during the day. Certain age spots removal formulas may also include a sun protectant in their formulation.


For ethnic individuals such as African Americans, Asians, or Latinos, staying out in the sun can increase hyperpigmentation in their appearance even more than Caucasians. While applying sunscreen every morning isn't a very plausible solution, Asians and African Americans need to make sure to take precautions when staying outdoors for extended periods of time. Ensuring that you have plenty of Vitamin C and foods with ascorbic acid in the diet is another way to reduce hyperpigmentation as well since these foods can reduce melanin, a main cause of age spots.