Eyelash growth products have always been viewed as sexy by some and crazy by others. Some women find the enhanced eyelashes to be incredibly sexy while others think that adding on unnatural eyelash additions can look incredibly plastic. In a way, both are right, because eyelash growth generally serves to enhance the rest of your looks, so check your makeup and apparel routines to see if eyelash enhancement is indeed working in your favor.


If you're the type of woman who likes to dress highly casual most of the time - think of a college girl who strolls into first period with a university sweatshirt and pajama pants - then eyelash enhancement on an ensemble like that doesn't look too good. However, if you are a high-powered executive assistant who treks to networking and conferences with C level executives on a weekly basis, eyelash growth would be a perfect fit for your sleek business suit with Jimmy Choo heels. What you wear on a daily basis (or often, for that matter) will determine how you and others view your eyelash look.


Like any beauty enhancement item, make sure you're using every enhancement in the most appropriate way; otherwise you'll end up looking like one of the contestants on Toddler's and Tiara's.


Match your outfit and lifestyle with eyelash enhancement and you'll be able to showcase a well-put together woman for everyone to envy.