Every girl wants beautiful eyelashes – the first thing to do is to realize that your body’s hair growth is directly related to what food you allow into your body. A well-balanced diet that is rich in protein foods and vitamins A, C and E will boost the health of your eyelashes and encourage growth spurts.


If you suffer from dandruff, you should have it seen to. Conditions that lead to dandruff have been proven to have a bad effect on the growth and health of eyelashes too. Manage stress and eat healthily. Unhealthy stress levels and unhealthy eating habits can both lead to dandruff and cause hair to weaken, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Allow your eyelashes to breathe. Use eyeliners and mascara less frequently than you are now, and this is one of the best tips you can follow to get your eyelashes growing. Another is to use an eyelash enhancer. These enhancers have been developed to help boost the health and appearance of your lashes, and will make it seem thicker and longer. There are many great products to choose from that are inexpensive and will help you to improve the appearance of your lashes in no time.