Everyone has been in a tizzy about the release of the Golden Globe nominations. Usually a pretty reliable indication of how the Oscar waters lay, many people seem to be talking about the snubs rather than the movies who managed to snag a few nominations. One such snub has been Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit franchise.


It’s certainly a change from a mere nine years ago, when Jackson could have done no wrong with J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings franchise, earning Oscars and Globes left and center. However, various elements played against the movie, such as the dramatic stakes being lower than in the LOTR trilogy as well as its two hours, 49 minute screening time.


Perhaps one of its greatest snubs was the special effects and makeup passes. With the previous franchise winning Best Makeup and Visual Effects Oscars, the Hobbit is anticipated to not even vie for the opportunity this awards season.


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