Long and lusciously beautiful eyelashes have always been attractive to women, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. Fortunate women were born with naturally thick, long and beautiful eyelashes, but there are even more women who crave to have it too. Who doesn’t want to flutter their eyelashes and attract the attention of the entire room?


If you are looking for ways how you can get naturally beautiful eyelashes without applying harmful chemicals or having to go through a lot of trouble, then read through our suggestions. This article will give you a few simple tips and secrets to achieving luscious and naturally beautiful eyelashes.


Home Remedies to Aid Eyelash Length


The first thing that is within your reach is to apply Vaseline at night before you go to bed. If you frequently wear eyeliner and mascara, wash off the makeup thoroughly but carefully before applying the Vaseline. Perhaps use a professional eye makeup remover to safely remove the mascara, as these already have additional vitamins and oils that will nourish your lashes. After washing the mascara off with lukewarm water, use a clean mascara brush to apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on your lashes and wash this off the next morning.


Using Olive Oil for Longer Lashes


Olive oil’s hair-growth properties have long been praised. It has the potential to make your eyelashes long looking and beautiful if applied correctly. Use a clean mascara brush and dip it into the olive oil, applying it to your eyelashes. Ensure that none of the oil gets into your eyes. Should the oil drip into the eye then use lukewarm water to rinse the eyes out thoroughly.


Keep the olive oil on throughout the night and remove it the next morning. Use an oily eye makeup remover to take the oil off. Removing the olive oil thoroughly is necessary as it can attract dirt during the day. Not only will olive oil aid beautifully thick lashes, but it will increase the darkness of the lashes too.


Eyelash Serum


While home remedies of Vaseline and olive oil are cheap and easy, they don’t ensure eye safety. You may not apply the most home products in the most sterile manner, leaving your eyes susceptible to infection and irritation.


If you are looking to bring in a bit of safe technology in your quest for beautiful and long looking eyelashes, consider using an eyelash serum. There are many products available on the market, but be sure to choose one that contains known natural ingredients and vitamins which has been known to be effective such as biotin, provitamin B5, pumpkin seed and retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A).