It's no secret that playing tennis yields a great lower body - just witness the gorgeous legs of Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. But how does the average American woman, who tends to be focused on raising a family and trying to stay skinny, get toned, tanned, great legs? Just like they say on the court, "no pain, no gain" even when it comes to sculpting your thighs and calves.


The best way to get legs in shape without leaving the home is developing a great squat and lunge routine. Squats and lunges are the type of leg exercise that requires only your body weight for great toning. Squat to pick up your newborn or lunge to reach the pots on the lower shelves. Or simply do three sets of 50 for each exercise. You'll see the muscle tone start developing in your lower half in no time.


Just like that Dr. Seuss book, I don't care how you go… just go, go, and go! Keep your body moving at most times of the day. Tennis is an anaerobic sport with lots of stop and go's, rest and acceleration, so take a lesson from that. Put the car keys away and hit the sidewalk for a rigorous power walk to do the grocery shopping and doctor's appointments.


And to top it all off, the top varicose veins treatments will make your legs look healthy and toned. Imagine having varicose vein free legs that shine after a great shave and spray tan - you'll never go back to the way it was!


A great leg exercise routine combined with steady aerobic or anaerobic use throughout the day and completed with a varicose veins treatments is a great way to look like you're a professional tennis player; or professional leg model!