During the summer, most of us don’t want to deal with heavy makeup and powders. You still want to look pulled-together and chic, but you don’t want the hassle of putting too much effort into your makeup because it’s hot outside. The heat can break down foundation, concealer or powder and result in a melted mess on your face if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. Create a sleek look without heavy makeup with this easy summer makeup routine.

  1. Start with the coverage you need. Many of us don’t need makeup all over the face. Focus on trouble areas such as dark circles or blemishes. Cover these spots with a mineral product, which is less likely to cake or melt off in the heat. Use a fluffy brush which allows you to add very light layers of product, which prevents a heavy look that some powders can cause. Pat the product onto the area, then buff in for a seamless finish.
  2. Focus on the brows. Keep brows full by applying a brow serum nightly. This creates a natural look for brows and allows you to optimize growth potential. Keep with the natural shape of your brows when plucking or waxing them. You want to fill in brows so they are slightly darker at the inner portion, just as natural brows are. No matter how full your brows are, most of us still need to use a brow wax, powder or gel to groom brows and keep them looking polished for the day. Those with very dark hair will benefit most from a wax or powder, while those with light or medium-colored hair will love a brow powder. Always apply the product using short, small strokes to create the look of tiny hairs.
  3. Add mascara. A good waterproof mascara is ideal for summer. Use an oil-based eye makeup remover to break down the product when it comes time to take it off. If you always wear black mascara, try wearing brown. It creates a softer look for spring and summer, but still defines the lashes.
  4. Go for a stain. When it comes to lips and cheeks, opt for a stain color product to keep the look bright, but fuss-free. Stains set into the skin, so they stay put for hours. Stain products also do not require many tools, making them perfect for vacation and travel. Use your fingers to apply the color to the cheeks or lips and gently blend out to achieve the desired color.  A bright peach or coral stain is ideal and can be sheered out for minimal color or layered for intensity.

Full brows make this makeup look polished for summer and works for the office or attending an outdoor festival. It is enough coverage and color to look presentable for meeting up with friends or visiting with family, but not so much that it won’t make it through a day at the amusement park. After all, it’s summer and that means you want to focus on fun – not your makeup.