You were one of the rare people who actually committed to a strict gym routine after New Years, and it paid off big time. You have a beach body that's begging for an 85-degree day. You've even saved your days off for the perfect forecast. Aside from the great curves and sexy bikini (that we both know isn't for swimming!), here are five ways to get your toned body ready for the beach:


1) Waterproof wrinkle creams - you may not have wrinkles but wrinkle creams plus a great SPF for those sunny days may help to discourage getting new wrinkles. Wrinkle creams are a must-have for the active woman.


2) Varicose Veins Treatments - using a moisture lotion alone on your legs won't reduce the look of stubborn varicose veins. Your legs will be vividly featured on the beach so make sure to take care of them well with a varicose veins formula!


3) Skin Brighteners - after you get your golden tan, don't disguise it with makeup. Instead, opt for skin brighteners that let your golden tan show yet also add brightness to your features by reducing the look of age spots and sun spots..


4) Exfoliate with sand - dipping into the saltwater can dry your skin but you have a natural exfoliant on the beach. Sand acts as a natural exfoliant to open your pores to the fresh ocean air.


5) Don't over tan - getting stubborn dark age spots could be a result of over tanning. As great as age spot treatments are, it's better not to get them in the first place.