Mature women struggle with their brows. It’s something that not many women talk about, but many mature women fret about daily. Sparse areas on the brows can create an older look for many women. Bald spots are difficult to fill in, even with high end brow pencils and powders. Many mature women suffer from shaky hands or simply don’t want to hassle with painting on their brows daily. What’s the answer to this common issue?

Brow enhancers are a smart option for mature women who want to fill their brows without makeup. When used consistently, brow enhancers create the appearance of lush looking fuller brows. The results are defined brows that stand out.

Q: Is it safe for me to use a brow enhancer?                                        

A: Yes. Brow enhancer serum is applied to the eyebrow area and that’s all. It does not come in contact with the eyes. Even very mature women will not have an issue using a brow enhancer serum.

Q: How careful do I have to be when applying a brow enhancer?

A: Many mature women worry about this because they suffer from shaky hands. The beauty of applying brow enhancers is that you do not have to be incredibly precise. Simply apply short, quick strokes of the clear brow serum over the area where you’d like hair to appear thicker and fuller. It’s as easy as that!