Pick up any beauty magazine and the first thing discussed when talking about eye makeup trends are strong brows. For a few seasons, we’ve seen thick, lush brows on the runways in New York and Paris fashion shows, but now the trend has trickled down for the public to be seen with strong brows. Reality-show celebs and supermodels alike favor thick brows because they beautifully frame the face, meaning little other makeup is required. There’s no need for pounds of makeup when you have the well-groomed and defined brows framing the face.

Brows can become sparse and patchy over time. Mature women usually have missing patches on the brows. There are many options to “fill in” this area, but most of the time this can be tedious and doesn’t always look natural. Many experts claim brow powders or powder eye shadow is the best way to fill in brows for a natural look, but unless you have an expert hand with this, it may come out looking overdone. Brow enhancer serum applied regularly fills those sparse areas on the brows, making your brows look fuller and thicker. This is something many women long for after they hit their 40s, 50s and 60s.

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