Pop culture is undeniably at the helm of trendsetting in both the fashion and beauty world. Throughout the years there have been so many celebrities that have had a lasting impact on what the world sees as trendy and beautiful today and that goes for beautiful, dramatic eyebrows too.


Some of the most memorable actors and celebrities have sported thick, luscious and full eyebrows that still influence the way many people view beauty today. Here are a list of some of the celebrities and pop culture icons with famous eyebrow styles:


  • Joan Crawford – one of Hollywood’s most dramatic arched eyebrows
  • Leonard Nimoy – Spock’s eyebrows were pretty epic in Star Trek
  • Zachary Quinto – the new generation Spock also sports healthy, thick and long brows
  • Brooke Shields – one of the world’s most famous thick eyebrows in the world of modeling, especially during the 80s


These are only a few of the many celebrities that have made dramatic eyebrows cool. Today anyone can enjoy a beautiful full and luscious eyebrow appearance thanks to the advances in eyebrow conditioner serums. These brow enhancers can easily be applied at night before bed and the benefits will be noticeable in a mere few weeks’ time. You can enjoy thicker, fuller looking eyebrows with little effort at all.