The growth rate of a human being’s eyelashes is a huge topic for debate – simply because it depends on a lot of things and a person’s eyelash growth rate is only slightly noticeable. The rate at which your eyelashes grow largely depends on what triggered the initial loss.


If, for example, you got too close to a fire (or a lighter) you could have burned your lashes, which will stunt their growth. Other factors that will have an impact on the growth rate of your eyelashes include genes, age, diet, lifestyle and hormones. Yet another factor that will impact the growth rate of your eyelashes is the number of times you rub your eyes during the day. Some people touch their faces over 100 times an hour. Your eyelashes are delicate, so rubbing them (or the area around your eyes) could cause your eyelashes to fall out, which will further stunt their growth rate.


Many beauty experts say that the lifecycle of your eyelashes is four to seven weeks, but this doesn’t mean that each eyelash will grow at the same rate. Each eyelash is separate and will grow at its own rate.


There are certain things you can do to speed up the growth rate of your eyelashes. Diet, say some physicians, plays a huge part in all types of hair growth. People who live unhealthy lifestyles and eat a lot of junk food might find their hair (including their eyelashes) falling out often. This is because they aren’t getting enough of the right nutrients to stimulate hair growth.


You may also notice how your age influences the number of hairs on your head, your eyebrows and your eyelids. As we age, our hair starts to thin out naturally. Younger people have faster hair lifecycles, which is why they often have thicker hair and longer lashes.


One thing you can do to boost the growth rate of your eyelashes (besides eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle) is using a conditioning eyelash serum. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to stimulate eyelash growth. These products are often expensive, so it’s important to decide on an eyelash serum that has been developed and tested by the experts.


Check for independent laboratory tests, read reviews online and make sure there is a money back guarantee. Use a product that conditions your eyelashes and is designed to promote the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes for more beautiful looking lashes, guaranteed.