Every girl would like to sport naturally beautiful and long eyelashes. Some are just lucky enough to have been born with lusciously beautiful lashes, while others have to work for it. However, thanks to new advancements, and results of studies, many ways have been identified how to spur on the growth of our lashes naturally.


Beautifully long eyelashes can really make one’s eyes pop, and can frame the face wonderfully. However, if you wear too much mascara, you run the risk of sporting the dreaded tarantula look! This is why it is best to spend the time and effort on cultivating naturally long, thick and luscious lashes so that your eyes are remarkably noticeable without having to cake on a lot of eye makeup.


There are various inexpensive routes you can follow to achieve enhanced eyelash appearance. These methods aren’t complex or expensive and can be done quickly and simply without taking up a lot of your time.


Natural Ways to Lengthen Eyelash Appearance


One of the best ways to spur on the long look of your lashes naturally is to apply castor or olive oil to the lashes before bed. Apply the oil using a cleaned mascara brush and lightly apply as though it were mascara. Take care to avoid getting the oil into your eyes, and should this happen then rinse with hot water immediately.


The very first thing in the morning, remove with hot water before applying the day’s mascara. If you don’t remove the oil then it could attract dirt during the day, which could lead to a whole lot of unnecessary problems.


Petroleum jelly is also an effective way to give your eyelashes a boost. Wash off all eye makeup before you apply, and apply it the same way you would the oil, using a cleaned mascara brush. Leave to set over night and remove the following day.


Of course, if you want to use technology in your bid to increase the look of your eyelash length and health, then use an eyelash serum. These serums have been developed to specifically boost the health and appearance of eyelashes. It is also one of the most reliable and safest ways to improve the length, strength and look of one’s eyelashes, and at a fair price.