I would be very interested to learn whether anyone has tried an instant wrinkle formula. Does the formula guarantee to reduce the appearance of wrinkles immediately? Can you apply makeup right after?


These are all questions I’ve also noticed in the forums but would like to ask someone’s opinion who has actually used an instant wrinkle formula. The instant wrinkle formula I want to try has clinically tested studies showing that you will see up to 55% of reduced wrinkle appearance immediately and increased hydration up to 120% around the eyes, which is amazing.


I am very interested in trying the product. At the very least it will moisturize my skin and work as a makeup base right?  Why haven’t the cosmetic companies come up with this product sooner and I am surprised more of my friends haven’t already tried an instant wrinkle remover formula, after all, who doesn’t want an instant boost to seemingly erase wrinkles? Supple, smooth, relaxed looking skin gets my vote!