Thick, full brows is where it’s at this season. The natural definition around the eyes makes it easy to lose heavy eye makeup. Makeup trends are moving towards a more natural look with defined features that frame the face without overdoing it. Lash serums were all of the buzz in the beauty industry for the past few years and now a similar innovative technology is surfacing for brow serums.

Mature women are after brow serum because it creates the look of rich, full brows. Brow serum is applied every day on the brows. What happens after? The brow serum creates the look of natural brows where the brows have become patchy and sparse. You don’t want to fill in brows day after day, trying to create a natural look. Instead, opt for a brow serum.

Instead of dealing with waxes, pencils or liner, you can create a natural look by applying brow serum daily. Within weeks, the brows look fuller and defined. You’ll find your entire face looks as if it’s been lifted when you have definition around the eyes. There’s no reason to wonder how you’ll fix your eyebrows when you’ve overplucked or started to lose hair. A brow serum does the work for you.