Many people look at celebrity styles and fashion with envy, thinking they could never achieve the same beauty as these glam celebs with a whole army behind their beauty. Hairstylists, brow specialists, makeup artists and image directors may work their magic on the celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that you should be denied the same level of glam that these celebs enjoy.


With a bit of practice, patience and perseverance, you could emulate the fashions and style of a favorite celeb. Britney Spears is well-known for many things – but she’s also famous for her sexy and intriguing eyebrows. How does she pull this off? That’s the million dollar question.


As any lady knows, the artful hand of an experienced makeup artist can hide many sins and highlight the best elements of one’s face, but it’s difficult to perform outright miracles. This is why you should still have a good foundation to work with, especially with your brows. Using a brow enhancer can help you to boost the appearance of your brows and get closer to emulating the famous Britney brow.


If you suffer from extremely sparse brow hair and detest the thought of having to fill it with pencils every day of your life, then using an effective brow conditioner can be your ticket to beautiful brows. Conditioning bropws nightly over time will basically perform a similar roles to what the pencils would, filling out the appearance of the eyebrows, but without the risk of rubbing off or smearing your boyfriend’s shirt.


These enhancers will provide your brows with all the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and provide an optimal growth environment. The best brow enhancer will have the ability to both give brows a fuller appearance while also moisturizing the hairs and boosting its health.


There is absolutely no shame in using a brow enhancer – many women do, even those seemingly blessed with full and luscious brows. You can easily add it to your daily beauty regimen without worrying that it will place unduly constraints on your time.


Be sure that when you choose a brow enhancer that you choose one that contains a moisturizing formula that has been clinically tested. Look for popular ingredients including biotin, carnelia sinensis, allontoin and cucumis sativus, among other hair beauty ingredients.