You just graduated college and you landed a fantastic job. Congratulations - in this economy, that’s a great result from working hard for the past four years. Adjusting to a workplace is entirely different from adjusting to term papers, however. Transitioning from sweatpants to pant suits is a major adjustment and that's just the start of it.


For starters, make sure your beauty enhancement is top notch every day for five days a week. The days of the toned down working woman are over - now, most women come to work with eyelash growth, spray tans, and red lipstick; even the female managers make sure their wrinkle creams and age spot treatments are French. Be prepared to compete with some of the best looking women in the workforce!


Next, cling to your bosses sparingly. You used to flock to your professor for tips, advice, and feedback on life; corporate managers however may see you as being needy, inexperienced, or, worse, flirtatious. Avoid those innocent questions that make you seem like you need help and not merely encouragement.


Always come 15 minutes early and leave 5 minutes late. You'd be surprised how punctuality will help your career thrive. Make sure your boss notices that you're leaving after them and you'll be in for a long, fruitful career!