Thick looking lashes are just more fun. Plus, they give confidence. You can look someone in the eye without shying away. You know your eyelashes are gorgeous and you plan to show them off. When you downcast your eyes, or look away during a conversation, it gives others the idea that what you are saying is unimportant or that you are lying. Give the impression of confidence, not avoidance, with fuller looking eyelashes.


Tip for application: Often, the habit is to pump the brush prior to application of the mascara. This is actually a bad idea. For one, it can cause more clumping, which can be disastrous to your eyelashes. Second, it may promote the buildup of bacteria that the brush brings back to the container. Pumping the brush back and forth several times causes air bubbles to form encouraging bad bacteria as well.


You may ask yourself why you should choose an eyelash conditioner over all other lash enhancing options. It is a simple answer, really. Natural ingredients in eyelash serums such as pumpkin seed helps to fortify the lashes, and promote the ability to create the appearance of better volume of eyelashes. Hyaluronic acid promotes shinier, conditioned lashes and helps encourage strength. Biotin, or Vitamin B7, needs to be present to support healthy hair function.