Andrew entered the conference room five minutes late; his train had been all stop-and-go this morning due to “train traffic,” which really, he thought, shouldn’t even exist. As he stumbled his way to his chair at the far end of the table mouthing “Sorry!”s, he noticed a couple of colleagues eyeing him with bemusement – and a couple with distaste.


He slid into his seat. “Dude,” his co-worker asked him, “what are you on?” Not understanding, the co-worker gestured to his eyes, at which point Andrew realized that, pathetically enough, his co-worker believed his dark under-eye bags meant he was taking drugs.


Andrew always had dark circles beneath his eyes, and bags to boot, but he supposed a late night had left his skin paler than usual, making his “condition” even more alarming. He was, on the one hand, inclined to laugh – drugs? – but, on a very large other hand, inclined to despair.


This is a surprisingly common take on under-eye bags. Those who wear them can be accused, mentally or verbally, of ingesting less-than-legal substances. It’s a judgment that causes unjustified shame and embarrassment.


The only way to escape these unflattering perceptions completely is to eliminate their cause – in other words, to remove the dark circles and bags. Evaporté is a product that does just that. Decreased appearance of dark circles up to 67% on average; reduced appearance of dark circles by up to 78% for some users. Escape the uncomplimentary remarks. Rid your circles and bags with Dark Circle Formula.