Amber Riley and Derek Hough took home the Season 17 Championship crown at Dancing with the Stars – and many agree it was a well-deserved victory. However, we always like to observe not only the performance but the fashionable appearance of our favorite beautiful stars.


One thing that struck us about Amber during every performance on the show this season was her totally put-together look. Her eyebrows framed her face beautifully and we became a little obsessed with them. It also inspired this post and us to give you tips on how you can enhance your own beautiful Amber-inspired bushy brows.


A great way that you can achieve equally beautiful brows is by using an eyebrow enhancer. These brow serums can be applied directly to the brow area so as to encourage stimulation of the follicles. Nourishing ingredients such as Carnelia Sinensis, Biotin, Allontoin, and Cucumis Sativus, among others help to condition the brows to appear fuller and thicker.


If you have over plucked or bleached your brows in the past, the brow enhancer will help to restore any damage that was caused. Use nightly to improve the appearance of eyebrows and help them look naturally beautiful and luscious.